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Channel EQ Founders

Jeb Blount
Jeb Blount is a growth strategist and one of the world's top experts in business development and sales acceleration.

Jeb Blount

Managing Partner
Keith Lubner_2016 sitting_glasses
Keith Lubner is a channel enablement strategist and one of the world's leading experts on channel development.    

Keith Lubner

Managing Partner
Ken Thoreson - Channel Management Guru
Ken Thoreson is a channel optimization strategist and one of the world's leading sales leadership.

Ken Thoreson

Executive Advisor

Our Team

Andy Feldman - Channel Sales
Andy "Fanatical Andy" is our sales god. The most persistent human on earth.

Andy Feldman

VP Sales
Carrie Martinez - CFO
Carrie keeps the wheels greased and the cars on the track.

Carrie Martinez